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Interview with our Founder

Interview with SP-Travel Founder George Pavlakis

Introduce yourself: 

George Pavlakis: SP travel was established in 1994 as a family owned business. The professional approach of SP travel is giving you the chance to sail along the Greek shores, combining adventure and pleasure in a boat and enjoy a pleasant yacht charter and sailing holiday.
SP travel offers sailing yachts from well-known brands like Bavaria, Beneteau and Jeanneau. Yacht charter clients can expect to board a charter boat in top condition, because all boats are carefully maintained by us.

How did you discover the world of sailing and why did you choose to focus on charter? 

George Pavlakis: My brother was working at a sailng company and I decided to take a sailing license. Therefore, we began to sail every summer until we take our first yacht and started to charter it.

When and why did you decide to start your own charter company? Why?

George Pavlakis: Sp-Travel was established in 1994. We realize from the beginning that many people from all over the word were very interested to sail in Greek islands so we started to increase our fleet.

Why did you choose Athens as your base? Where are you originally from?

George Pavlakis: We choose Athens as our base, because we live close to  Alimos Marina so its easier for us to manage and maintain our yachts.

I come from north Greece, Thrace. 

There are a lot of yacht charters in greece, how did you make your business unique and what is special about SP-Travel?

George Pavlakis: All of our yachts are carefully maintained from us, so all of them are in a perfect condition. We have a personal contact with all customers and we make an extensive check in with them. When we finish the check in, we answer all the questions they may have, and then we open the maps and we show them beautiful places for swimming, safe ports and gulfs. Finally , our customers have our telephone numbers and they can call twenty four hours per day for whatever they may want to ask.

What is really special about the sailing area around Athens? 

George Pavlakis: Saronic Gulf and Aegean Sea are very close to Athens. There are many gulfs, ideal for swimming, with green and blue water. There are islands for all kind of interest for example quiet and graphic places and  islands with nice nightlife.  

Thank you very much for this interview. Can you tell us what’s your project for the near future, what is new for the next season?

George Pavlakis: Our plans for the near future is to increase our fleet with two more boats, not more because we want to keep the spirit as a family business.

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