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Our favourite trip

What is your favourite trip for 7 days (or 3 days for shorter trips)? Which Islands, what bays at what times of the year. 

One of my favourite trip, is to start from Alimos Marina and sail to Kea, Syros, Sifnos, Serifos, Kythnos and then again back to Alimos Marina. I like this trip because distances between all this islands are very short, so you have time to do sailing and also relax and explore the islands. At kea island I usually stop for swimming at Koundouros Gulf. Also there is a beautiful bay for swimming close to the port which is very easy to have access on foot.

In Syros I prefer to tie my boat at Foinikas port because it is very graphic and quiet and it’s near to the Ermoupolis which is the capital of Cyclades. Close to Foinika port there is a bay with green and blue water colour and it’s cold Agkathopes Bay.

Sifnos island is a quiet island and especially for families. One of the most beutifull beach is Vathi Beach.

Serifos is one my favourite island. There is a small port and the center is on the top of the island with a fantastic view. Close to the port there is a gulf with name Megalo Livadi which have very clean and blue water.

Kythnos island has two ports, Loutra Port and Merixas Port. Merixas is the main port of Kythnos. There is a famous bay near the port an its cold Kolona beach with green and blue water colour.

Is it a one way trip or a round trip?

It is round trip. We start and finish our trip at Alimos Marina.  

What is a must do on this trip? 

You must swim to many Gulfs, and explore the traditions and the beauty of every island.

What do you really need to experience? Diving, food, locations like cliffs, lighthouses, harbours etc. Do you need certain equipment like, dinghy, SUPs, diving gear, snorkelling gear etc.?

If someone book a boat from SP-Travel, at the price are included dinghy with oars and snorkelling gear. We also provide SUP with an extra charge. All these are make the trip more entertaining so it’s better to have them.

Are there optional routes that also can be interesting?

There are many interested routes to do. Saronic Gulf has many small and beautiful islands. Another trip is to start from Alimos Marina and sail to Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Ermioni, Methna, Aigina and back to Alimos Marina. All of them are very graphic and you have many Gulfs to see. 

Do you need a skipper to experience this?

If you have a sailing licence and and you can handle the boat, you don’t need a skipper.  Otherwise it’s necessary to aarange a skipper so it will be easy to visit all these places. 

Are there extra costs tied to this trip? Harbour costs, Entrance fees etc.?

The cost of the harbour per day is approximately 15-50 euros. Some private harbours may be more expensive. Also diesel is an extra cost, but you can keep this cost very low if you use more the sails.

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